Team HerBiceps: Katie Sauter

  • Status: Off-season

    Division: IFBB Physique

  • Height :

    Competition Weight : 137 lbs.

    Off-season Weight : 155 lbs.

  • Hometown : Sykesville, MD

    Current City : Columbia, MD

    Nationality : USA

  • Years Training : 3

    Years Competing : 2

  • Measurements

    Biceps : 16 in.

    Forearms : 11 in.

    Quads : 22.5 in.

    Calves : 15.5 in.

  • Next Competition:

    Not Scheduled

  • Strength stats:

    Bench: 185 lbs. for 6 reps
    Incline chest press: 75 lb. dumbbells
    Military press: 135 lbs. for 6 reps

  • Athletic background:

    Cheerleader from grade school through high school; Flag football through college and after; International Women’s Football League (IWFL) for 3 years as a cornerback; Lingerie Football League for a year as a linebacker.

  • Personal Statement:

    I am upbeat, genuine, and I keep all of my social media positive. My motto in life is to the find the positive in every situation. In the face of adversity or negativity you will always hear me say, “I found the positive!” as I spin the situation around and look at it in a positive light. While there will always be nay-sayers and dream crushers, I try to be a motivational force everyday. Through my social posts and daily interactions be it face to face or virtual, I try to exude confidence and inspire others. I always want to influence peoples' lives in supporting and encouraging manners because in today's world everyone has an opinion which they are not afraid to voice and more often than not, these opinions are derogatory or disparaging. Furthermore, I am in a place in life where I have found my true passion through fitness, working out, competing, and inspiring others to chase their dreams, whatever they may be, and make them a reality despite any obstacles that may come their way. Additionally, through my daily posts I attempt to deliver words to help my followers build confidence and self-esteem. I have a strong confidence and sense of peace with who I am which I wish was contagious, but it's not that simple, so I consistently share personal stories or motivational posts with the hope that I can bring a smile to at least someone's face. I know there is not a one size fits all but there is one life for all, meaning you can't please everyone but you can always please yourself as long as you're living your one life the way that you choose which should be the way that brings you the utmost joy and happiness. I am living my one life, chasing my fit dreams, embodying a healthy lifestyle, motivating and educating others. And hopefully one day I will live out my ultimate fit dream of competing in the Olympia. I will keep driving, day in and day out, working hard and staying focused.

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