Team HerBiceps: Erika Guerra

  • Off-season


  • Height : 5'0

    Competition Weight : 106 lbs.

    Off-season Weight : 123 lbs.

  • Hometown : Marlton, NJ

    Current City : Marlton, NJ

    Nationality : Italian & German

  • Years Training : 8

    Years Competing : 2.5

  • Measurements

    Biceps : 13 in.

    Forearms : 9 in.

    Quads : 21 in.

    Calves : 14 in.

  • Next Competition:


  • Strength stats:

    Squat: 225 lbs.
    Deadlift: 260 lbs.
    Bench: 155 lbs.
    Overhead press : 105 lbs.
    Dumbbell row: 90 lbs.
    Prowler push: 335 lbs.

  • Athletic background:

    soccer, cross country, and always weight trained

  • Personal Statement:

    Fitness has always been a major part of my life, it is something that I feel was engraved in me. I grew up around both of my parents being bodybuilders and also living a healthy lifestyle, all of which I admired. I began weight training in the gym with my Mom when I was 15, and you can say I was definitely hooked the minute I touched weights and saw what my body could do. I continued to push myself and simply could not get enough of what it had done to me both physically and mentally. I became confident in myself, and not just in the gym but in all aspects of my life; I felt strong. I am constantly trying to better myself, to have no limits, and to inspire everyone around me that they too can be and do anything they choose to. I don't train to compete, or to please anyone, or to be "better" than anyone. I train for myself and for MY life, and simply because it is my passion. It is my last thought before I go to sleep and my first thought when I wake up. Fitness for sure has made an impact on my life, and I will never stop believing and pushing myself every single day.

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