Team HerBiceps: Ariel Gail

  • In-season


  • Height : 5'5

    Competition Weight : 155 lbs.

    Off-season Weight : 175-185 lbs.

  • Hometown : Fremont, MI

    Current City : Denver, CO

    Nationality : USA

  • Years Training : 5

    Years Competing : 5

  • Measurements

    Biceps : 13.5 in.

    Forearms : 11 in

    Quads : 24 in.

    Calves : 15.5 in.

  • Next Competition:

    Nationals - Miami, FL

  • Strength stats:

    Back Squat: 225 lbs. x 12
    Bench: 135 lbs. x 8
    Dumbbell Should Press: 60 lbs. x 6
    Dumbbell 1-Arm Row: 110 lbs. x 10

  • Athletic background:

    I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. I started swimming at a very young age, and finished my racing career as a lettered college athlete. I was a sprinter (50 & 100 yard freestyle) as well as 100 butterfly. I also was a competitive equestrian; winning local and state classes in English, Western, Showmanship, and Reining to name a few.

  • Personal Statement:

    I like to transform my body. I like the challenge of seeing something different, that I've done to myself, as a result of determination to do what I've set out to do. My bodybuilding journey (Jan 2011 start date) has left a trail on the internet, which will be my history in this sport. This is the inside journey of mine, to the Arnold Amateur being held on March 7, 2015 in Columbus, OH. I hope to reach, inspire, and motivate many...

    "A women's body is her own destiny to do what she wants with it. All I pray is that she does love herself whatever she's doing."

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