Team HerBiceps: Whitney Haycock

  • In-season


  • Height : 5'8

    Competition Weight : 138 lbs.

    Off-season Weight : 155-158 lbs.

  • Hometown : West Valley City, UT

    Current City : Arcata, CA

    Nationality : USA

  • Years Training : 3 yrs. for Figure

    Years Competing : 2.5 yrs.

  • Measurements

    Biceps : 13.5 in.

    Forearms : 10 in.

    Quads : 23.5 in.

    Calves : 14 in.

  • Next Competition:

    November 20th, 2015

  • Strength stats:

    In 2012 I benched 225 lbs one time, used powerlifting form. My heaviest and most recent deadlift was 285lbs for 3 reps.

  • Athletic background:

    Youth: @10 played softball, played youth soccer from 11-12
    Junior High: varsity soccer, varsity track and field (shot put and short sprints), varsity basketball, varsity volleyball and dance company.
    High school: varsity soccer and varsity basketball. I really enjoyed my weight training classes in high school, took two of them my senior year (bench max 135lbs).

  • Personal Statement:

    I'm proud of myself for coming so far in fitness from my heaviest weight of 200lbs. I signed up for a personal trainer at 19 with no intention to compete but to improve my self image and confidence. I'm so happy to have made the choice to workout hard and eat right at such a young age.

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