Team HerBiceps: Desiree Alferes

  • Off Season


  • Height : 5'4

    Competition Weight : 124

    Off-season Weight : 132

  • Hometown : Palm Springs

    Current City : Sacramento

    Nationality : Spanish/Irish-American

  • Years Training : 2

    Years Competing : 1

  • Measurements

    Biceps : 11.5 in.

    Forearms : 9..5 in.

    Quads : 22.5 in.

  • Next Competition:

    2016 NPC USA\'s

  • Strength stats:

    Squat PR: 310
    Leg Press: 810
    Bent over T bar Rows: 225 (my work in progress)

  • Athletic background:


  • Personal Statement:

    I am a single Mother to a little boy who is my heart and soul, I work A LOT, and I love to workout and train hard. Weights are my ‘Me’ time. I love pushing my body beyond what its comfortable with, and seeing what I can Accomplish. My goal is to qualify for my PRO card this spring at the USA’s, and then Qualify for next years Olympia. I believe that through dedication and hard work you can do what you dreamed possible. So I can and Will do this! Dream Big, Achieve Big!

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