Team HerBiceps: Jennika Hill

  • In Season


  • Height : 5'7

    Competition Weight : 155-160 lbs.

    Off-season Weight : 195-200 lbs.

  • Hometown : Concrete, WA

    Current City : Grand Coulee, WA

    Nationality : USA

  • Years Training : 6

    Years Competing : 4

  • Measurements

  • Next Competition:

    Cascadian Classic

  • Strength stats:

    Bench: 200lbs
    Squat: 315lbs
    Cybex Leg Press: 1010 lbs.
    Rack pulls: 385 lbs.

  • Athletic background:

    Played soccer and softball growing up. Also grew up riding horses, barrel racing, roping and pole bending.

  • Personal Statement:

    I’ve always been a strong competitor growing up. Whatever i’m doing i always strive to be on top and be the best. Last year I competed at my first nationals show, Usa’s in Las Vegas. I placed 7th out of 10, which was not accepted in my mind. So now i’m back at it, better than ever before and read for my redemption in 2016. I have always competed in WPD, but now with me growing this offseason, making my offseason weight 200lbs, I might be doing women’s bodybuilding. As I get closer to showtime, we’ll see what division I end up in.

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